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The best wastewater technology for the present and the future

Vacuum Sewer Systems

High-tech that pays off

Open up new areas, expand or modernize existing infrastructure, invest safely in the future and use resources carefully: Vacuum sewer solutions from Roediger® convince in many areas. Many of tomorrow's challenges can already be solved today in a reliable and budget-friendly manner - from the strictest environmental requirements and the digital networking of water disposal systems to the intelligent use or recycling of the various forms of wastewater.

Strong technology, impressive advantages

  • Lower planning and construction costs: shallow installation depth, less excavation, greater construction speed.
  • Extreme reliability: no exfiltration due to design, trouble-free operation can be proven over 40 years.
  • Low maintenance costs: minimal service requirements, possibility of remote diagnosis and maintenance, unlimited scalability.
  • Unbeatable in environmental protection and hygiene: Vacuum technology supports forward-looking solutions such as differentiated recycling (source separation) through water-reduced transport.

Vacuum - simply the better wastewater technology

The many advantages of vacuum sewer solutions over traditional gravity sewer systems are a direct result of the technology used. Whereas in normal systems the wastewater flows away slowly by gravity, in vacuum solutions it is transported by negative pressure. This happens at a speed of almost unbelievable 6 meters per second - which is why vacuum systems are so resource-friendly and water-saving, because there is no need to flush the pipelines with valuable drinking water.

The video gives you a deeper insight into this fascinating technology.

Monitor, manage, control, save - intelligent systems made by Roediger®

From monitoring your wastewater plant to remote diagnosis and control: Roediger's state-of-the-art monitoring and management systems take operation to a whole new level. Malfunctions can not only be detected at an early stage, but also precisely localized and even automatically eliminated with the RSMS management system - without the need for a cost-intensive service team on site. And with up to 256 possible collection chambers per cable, the capacity of Roediger® systems is in a class of its own.