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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Operation, monitoring and control from a single source

Roediger® Monitoring and Management Systems

Control, manage and monitor with state-of-the-art technology

Always know what is happening  - and where: Roediger® monitoring and management systems monitor the functional reliability of vacuum systems around the clock and display any malfunctions in real time. The intelligent Roediger® RSMS system can also optimize the plant at any time, independently adapt to new operating conditions, and automatically eliminate faults.

Convincing strengths

  • Control and remote diagnosis of the entire plant
  • Error detection and exact localization in real time
  • Possibility of automatic troubleshooting
  • Enormous budget relief due to more efficient plant control and lower costs for service teams or emergency call-outs

Chamber Management System RSMS

Pure intelligence: control and maintenance of up to 256 house collection chambers per cable – simply via cellphone and apps.

Radio monitoring system RVM

Saves time and money in the operation of vacuum systems - thanks to precise fault localization without time-consuming measures. Can be retrofitted at any time.