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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Conserving resources, saving energy


Critical infrastructure that faces today’s challenges

That makes sense: The more modern the plant, the easier and more trouble-free it is for the customer to operate. But a fundamental modernization of old plants today is about much more: efficiency and resource savings are raised to a whole new level. Intelligent digital technology enables remote diagnostics, early detection of potential problems (predictive maintenance), and conditions that are tailored to the actual situation - making an important contribution to the smooth operation of this critical infrastructure.

In numbers

In the last 2 years:
12 plant modernizations

Since 2000:
Many new patents (or product innovations).

Serving innovation worldwide:
Many government-funded research projects

We create solutions - for our customers and for the challenges of tomorrow

The passion for innovation keeps Roediger® young and, at the same time, equips us for the future: Our claim to be a pioneer in a resource-saving technology sector and to set standards for sustainable wastewater management is supported by our own research and development team. Our employees impress with their creativity, expertise, and vision - and always come up with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow as well as today.

“Digital management, data-based evaluation, resource-saving operation - there are many reasons to modernize a wastewater plant. And every single reason pays off.”

Benjamin Gerken

Technical Manager Service & After Sales Roediger Vacuum GmbH