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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Marina Porto Novi, Montenegro

Vacuum Sewer System

To meet the highest expectations of boat owners and charterers, a requirement was established during the development of the new marina in Porto Novi, Montenegro. The goal was to create an ambiance that exudes top quality and ease of use, while also meeting the strict requirements of local environmental authorities. Roediger® addressed this challenge with a combination of a marina and channel system. The pipes, laid in concrete channels, total a length of 2.5 kilometers. The connections, aesthetically pleasing in polished stainless steel, are installed directly on the concrete piers. Since 2018, the system has reliably disposed of all wastewater from boats and ships up to 110 meters in length.

Special Highlights

  • Combination of marina system and wastewater system in one project.
  • Roediger® Silentium vacuum toilets, Roediger® evacuation units with floor drains, Roediger® boat evacuation panels, and ship evacuation points, Roediger® bilge emptying systems.
  • Berths for boats up to 110 meters in length.
  • Small diameter: pipes laid in concrete channels.
  • Network: approximately 2.5 km.
  • Commissioning: 2018.