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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


From environmental protection to industry

The fields of application for Roediger® technology

Flexible in use, safe in any environment

Inside buildings, in the city, in the countryside, in industry. As a short-term plug & play variant or permanent transport solution of wastewater. In the nature reserve or in the decay plant. In the public or private sector. The possible applications of vacuum technology are just like the technology itself: enormously flexible. At the same time, it creates space for new opportunities: in architecture, in urban planning, in the use of resources. We would be happy to show you which challenges the technology can master, where it can be used and how it can raise your project to a new level.

Advantages that enable new standards:

  • Conserving resources: water, time and money
  • Flexibly adaptable at any time
  • Can be used in confined spaces
  • Drip-free and leak-proof
  • Possibility of material flow separation for easier recovery of resources
  • Ideal for modern urban concepts (Sponge City, water storage)

Solutions for the challenges of tomorrow

Water scarcity and flooding, quality of life for millions of people - climate change is not the only enormous challenge facing politics and society.

Roediger® wastewater systems can make an essential contribution to getting a better grip on many of these problems - or even solving them. Our employees will tell you how - and what drives them.

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