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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Proven, user-friendly, low-maintenance.

Roediger® vacuum valves and controllers

Proven thousands of times, can be used everywhere

Our vacuum valves perform their reliably and continuously in the vacuum units and in the valve chambers of house collection chambers. They are characterized by their durability and universal application possibilities; they are also extremely user-friendly and easy to maintain. Each unit consists of the actual valve and the associated control unit.

Important to know

  • Pneumatic control (depending on the level in the sump), therefore no electrical power necessary
  • 3 different valve types (50 mm, 65 mm and 75 mm) available 
  • Flexibly adaptable to project-specific condition

Hose valve AV 40

Highly reliable valve whose miniature design and modular construction enable installation in the tightest of spaces. In use thousands of times worldwide.

Membrane valve AV 50

Successfully in use for over 40 years. Fully compatible with all types of chambers and very functionally reliable; membrane can be exchanged in just a few minutes.

Membrane valve AV 65

Functionally stable and flow-optimized valve with compact dimensions. Its longevity has been proven in many enviroments.

Hose valve AV 75

With maximum efficiency in the smallest space, the AV 75 occupies a unique position in the mar-ket. Fully functional even under water thanks to encapsulated design.

Compact controller KPS

Precisely adjustable and durable controller for all Roediger® valves. Frost resistant, easy to install and made of high-quality materials.

Train valve for wastewater tanks type 183

Automatically closing wastewater valve that enables simultaneous emptying of the wastewater tanks of individual train cars by a single operator.