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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Optimize, improve, expand.


Smooth operation in every situation.

How can an existing plant be expanded in a sensible way, where might be a need for modernization, which digital features could pay off for you? Our consulting team of experts from a wide range of disciplines support operators of existing plants in any questions that may arise in practice - and also provide rapid assistance in the event of problems.

Strong for you: Our consultation team

  • Over 10 competent employees available for you.
  • Quick recording of the question already at the first contact.
  • Bundled expert knowledge from commercial questions to technology.

Troubleshooting also for third-party customers - simply contact us if you have any problems.

Acting responsibly in every situation - this is also demonstrated by our consulting philosophy. Of course, our team is also available to customers of our competitors if their systems are affected by a malfunction. We will be happy to provide a remedy - quickly, straightforwardly and before serious consequences occur.

“I'm continuing what our developers and installers started: Providing the best and most efficient technology to every customer. ”

Bastian Worm

Technical Support Roediger Vacuum GmbH