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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Hygiene in the name of health

Medical facilities



Decay plants

Absolute protection - for a sensitive environment and from hazardous substances

In medical facilities, the requirements for a hygienic environment are particularly high. Vacuum sanitation technology prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria in bathrooms/toilets via aerosol clouds and thus significantly reduces exposure to hospital germs. But Roediger® is also a competent partner in nuclear medicine, offering the best possible radiation protection: Radioactive wastewater is transported separately and leak-proof to the decay plant, where it is stored until it falls below the limit values. Water-saving vacuum toilets reduce the amount of contaminated wastewater to one tenth.

Strong case for medical facilities:

  • Flexible room planning across all floors
  • Sensitive areas such as intensive care or isolation wards can be clearly separated
  • No cross-contamination, no discharge of germs/substances
  • Decay plants are completely planned, designed and delivered
  • Fully automated operation of the plants with state-of-the-art technology
  • Certified for radioactive plants
  • Absolutely leak proof

“The vacuum system is a closed system and completely encapsulates wastewater from nature. You can therefore use it in regions that require absolute tightness - for example, where nature, groundwater or drinking water needs to be protected. This is where all the strengths of the system come into play.”

Ireneusz Kubek

Vice President/Executive Director Roediger® Vacuum GmbH