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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Reliable in use.

Roediger® Vacuum Valve Units

For fast, automatic disposal

Clean, drip-free, odorless: Roediger's vacuum units reliably extract the wastewater without forming aerosol clouds. Thus, the highest hygiene requirements are successfully met – in sensitive environments such as hospitals as well as in confined spaces, e.g. on ships. Toilets, showers and wash-basins can be easily connected to the system. But the extraction pistols for emptying the wastewater tanks of train operators have also proven their worth and enable efficient and fast disposal.

Powerful technology, impressive benefits

  • Drip-free and odorless disposal of wastewater
  • Reliable: robust and proven system 
  • Extraction pistols can be retrofitted for existing plants

Extraction pistols for railroad depots type UP

Available in multiple configurations depending on requirements – allows simultaneous emptying of numerous wastewater tanks by a single operator.

Extraction pistols for railroad depots type 5

The Roediger® extraction pistols are vacuum-controlled and do not require a power supply for the disposal process.

Roediger® Floor drains standard and kitchen

Automatic surface drainage for residential and commercial use. Simple membrane technology for easy cleaning.

Roediger® vacuum valve unit AE 25

Reliable automatic vacuum drainage for individual washbasins or sinks. Connects directly to the drain, convinces with the shortest response time.

Roediger® vacuum valve unit BP 3

Shapely vacuum unit in marinas: for vacuuming bilges or sewage from boats and ships. Odorless and drip-free.