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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Clean, hygienic, incredibly efficient.

RoedigerĀ® Vacuum Collection Chambers

Vacuum technology for any terrain

Collection chambers make vacuum technology applicable in all areas. This is because they are the important link between conventional gravity systems in buildings and the vacuum system for an entire housing development. RoedigerĀ® chambers are characterized by a number of unique advantages: Unsurpassed cleanliness and functionality, maximum flexibility during installation and the variety of different designs for every application.

Strong arguments

  • Easy adaptation to different heights of the inlet and outlet pipes
  • No odor, no deposits
  • No power supply necessary for the chamber
  • Absolute tightness and guaranteed self-cleaning

Collection Chamber Type ā€œGā€ G65

In the flexible G chamber, the valve chamber is arranged next to the collecting sump. The instal-lation depth and inlet depth can be individually adjusted on site.

Collection Chamber Type ā€œZā€

In this type Z chamber, the valve chamber is located above the collecting sump. The chamber is delivered pre-assembled and is therefore quick and easy to install.