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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Gerasdorf, Austria

Vacuum Sewer System

Flat terrain with minimal gradient, a high groundwater table, and a rural structure: the municipality of Gerasdorf, with over 10,000 inhabitants, possesses all the characteristics where vacuum technology can excel, particularly in terms of cost. During the bidding process, it became evident that a vacuum sewer system would significantly benefit the municipality's budget, offering a 35% cost advantage compared to a conventional system. The decision has proven successful to this day. The system has operated flawlessly since its establishment in 1992, boasting a network length of almost 35 kilometers.

Special Highlights

  • Number of inhabitants: 10,000
  • Network length: approximately 34 km
  • 2,500 collection chambers
  • 4 vacuum stations
  • Commissioning: 1992
  • Trouble-free operation since completion
  • Parallel bidding resulted in a 35% price advantage for vacuum compared to gravity flow