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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


The new independence in planning, construction and use


Buildings with a mix of branches

Buildings with occasional heavy traffic (Congress Center, soccer stadium)

Historic preservation/refurbishment projects

More flexibility, more style, less costs

Horizontally, upwards or downwards: with vacuum technology, wastewater flows as you wish - allowing architects and construction companies unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the flexible installation option, the pipelines can be easily hidden, individual floors can be planned individually, the store area of shopping centers can be variably occupied. Reversible and offering great savings in terms of construction time, costs, and water use, the sanitary solutions provide a boost for future architectural developments: from soccer stadiums to hotel complexes.

For more creative freedom:

  • Low impact due to small pipe diameters
  • Individual planning of individual floors
  • Installation in supply/service ducts possible
  • Installation in existing buildings possible, e.g. in historic houses under monument protection
  • Reduction of drilling in floor slab
  • Favorable construction and planning costs

“Our solutions for buildings are open, flexible, and forward-looking. They support source separation, sponge cities, and the repurposing of buildings. We can already manage and solve all these challenges today. ”

Srdjan Draganovic

Senior Area Sales Manager Roediger Vacuum GmbH