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Spare parts supply

From nuts and bolts to control cabinets - we have what you need.

Where mechanical loads occur, wear is inevitable. That's why, with one of the largest stocks of spare parts in our industry, we are prepared for truly any situation - from a small valve to a complete vacuum pump. Typically, replacement takes place as part of routine maintenance or inspection. However, it is in emergency situations that our strength as a technology leader becomes most apparent: our response time for delivery and installation of the appropriate spare part is extremely short.

Fast and flexible: Our spare parts supply

  • Over 10,000 items in spare parts inventory 
  • Average 15-year spare parts warranty
  • Compatible with all current systems - including those from other manufacturers

Special service for discontinued models: Loan until replacement is available

Technology is constantly improving and evolving. Particularly with electronic control units, there comes a time when the latest generation of equipment is no longer compatible with older systems. In this case, we offer a service that is unique in Germany: if an obsolete device fails, we provide customers with old CPUs on loan until the system has been completely modernized.

“As a system provider, we truly have every spare part from A - Z at the ready - even for customers to whom we have supplied only one section of the system. ”

Jörg Peter Ganzer

Technical Support Roediger Vacuum GmbH