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Roediger® vacuum stations

Versatile from compact to complex

The central vacuum station is the heart of every vacuum network. Its main components are the wastewater collection tank, the wastewater discharge pumps and, of course, the vacuum pumps. They generate the required vacuum in the system – approximately -0.6 bar. Roediger® vacuum transfer stations are available in all conceivable sizes – from standardized compact systems for a few users to customized large-scale systems serving several thousand residential units.

Important details

  • Maintenance and monitoring technology at a central location 
  • Optimized design adapted to real time requirements 
  • Single electrical supply  in the entire system

Vacuum compact station Comp VS Type 30 FU

The station consists of two worm gear pumps with integrated cutter.

Vacuum compact station Comp VS Type 70

Used in vacuum sanitation and small sewer systems, wastewater capacity can be adjusted as needed.

Vacuum compact station Comp VS Type 360

The largest vacuum compact station for vacuum sewerage, sanitary engineering and railroad systems impresses with its outstanding suction performance and compact design.

Vacuum station, custom made

For all larger systems and more complex tasks, we develop the vacuum stations specifically and individually – just contact us.