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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Simple solutions for a challenging environment

Complex terrain

Flat terrain and lack of natural slope

Ecologically sensitive areas

Marinas, corniche promenades and harbours

Rocky, sandy or unstable ground

High ground water tables, flood areas or areas exposed to sea and river tides

Natural or artificial islands, reclaimed land

Diverse challenges, convincing answers

Transporting wastewater safely - regardless of soil and local conditions. It is precisely in complex enviroments that the strengths of vacuum technology come into their own. Whether nature and drinking water protection areas that are connected to the infrastructure, the connection of flood areas or development of mountainous regions: Challenges that the technology can master easily and sustainably, while impressing with its flexibility in terms of installation and use as well as 100% leakage safety.

Your construction projects will benefit from this:

  • Low installation depth of the pipes (minimal excavation)
  • No exfiltration - not even in case of pipe breakage
  • No backwater in case of flooding, no odors
  • Ideal for seasonal use (campsites, vacation resorts)
  • Enables the discharge of wastewater in mountainous areas - despite rocky subsoil
  • Lower construction costs and low maintenance

“The vacuum system is a closed system and completely encapsulates wastewater from nature. You can therefore use it in regions that require absolute tightness - for example, where nature, groundwater or drinking water needs to be protected. This is where all the strengths of the system come into play.”

Ireneusz Kubek

Vice President/Executive Director Roediger® Vacuum GmbH