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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Eicher See, Germany

Vacuum Sewer System

The weekend settlement "Eicher See," comprising almost 700 houses, is situated directly in the flooding area of the Rhine. Until 1997, there were neither paved roads nor a drinking water supply and wastewater disposal system. As the number of permanent residents increased and environmental regulations became more stringent, a reliable solution was imperative—particularly one capable of functioning during floods of up to 5 meters, preventing wastewater from escaping, and stopping surface water from entering the system. These challenges made vacuum solutions ideal, especially since both tasks (drinking water and wastewater) could be combined during installation: the drinking water pipes were laid in the same pipe trench as the vacuum pipe for wastewater.

Special Highlights

  • Vacuum sewer system with 668 house connection shafts
  • Flood-proof construction
  • Tightness up to 5 meters water column
  • High flow velocities and air intake prevent fouling of wastewater
  • Installation of drinking water supply and wastewater disposal in the same pipe trench