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Whether wastewater or technology - the future belongs to the circular economy

"Cradle-to-Grave": recycling instead of throwing away

The natural supply of precious raw materials is limited - but on the other hand, there are tons and tons of resources available that are built into existing products and devices. Making these easier to use and consistently relying on an unlimited cycle of recycling - that's "cradle-to-grave." And at the same time, it has always been an inseparable part of Roediger's corporate DNA.

Roediger's business model: conserving resources

Vacuum technology in itself already has an eco-balance that is vastly superior to conventional sanitary and sewer systems. It reduces the consumption of fresh water, protects the sensitive natural environment from contamination and, thanks to wastewater separation, enables targeted recycling and reuse of all residual materials. A good basis for applying the "cradle-to-cradle" principle in every field - from the smallest technical detail to complex vacuum systems in smart cities.

Design intelligently, recycle consistently: that's how it's done with technology

Circular economy starts in the detail - or more precisely, in the technical design of products. Even today, new Roediger® components are therefore designed and conceived in such a way that they can be easily disassembled into their individual components and recycled after a long period of use. This results in two possibilities for further recycling: After thorough cleaning and reconditioning, individual components are reused for a new life cycle - for example in our controllers. Or the materials are shredded and used like a new raw material - like the plastic in our collection chambers. The only difference to the past: The chambers have a clean slate as far as resource use is concerned - but in the future their body color will be black.

Day-to-day suitability instead of dreams of the future: working circular economy on a large scale

We don't just plan the circular economy for newly developed products - we already practice it today with our installations. The best reference for this is the combination of sanitary installation and sewer system in the Jenfeld residential area of Hamburg, which was realized in 2016. Thanks to the vacuum toilets, the wastewater flows are separated from the outset so that, on the one hand, they can be used to power combined heat and power plants, and on the other hand, the graywater is treated in a constructed wetland and then used for a lake in the housing estate. Heat from wastewater, fertilizer from residual materials, ponds and lakes without wasting fresh water - we are already achieving all this today. And at the same time we are working on new ideas for tomorrow.