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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Flexible. Innovative. Reliable.
We are: Roediger®.

Flexible. Innovative. Reliable.
We are: Roediger®.

Flexible. Innovative. Reliable.
We are: Roediger®.

Flexible. Innovative. Reliable.
We are: Roediger®.

Flexible. Innovative. Reliable.
We are: Roediger®.


German Engineering for new perspectives on water as a resource.

As a global system supplier of vacuum technology, Roediger® develops innovative solutions for the transport of wastewater with an international and highly motivated team.
The fact that we are the pre-eminent company in this field and hold a large number of patents is due to our many years of expertise, our know-how based on almost 200 years of history, and our enthusiasm for continuous further development. Our commitment to quality is reflected not only in our compliance with the ISO 9001 standard but also in the fact that all parts are assembled and tested with the utmost care - no matter where in the world they are used. At the same time, we attach great importance to being close to our customers: When you need us, we are there for you. As a service team available around the clock. As a project developer worldwide with over 40 certified contacts directly on site.



Employees worldwide:

ca. 100

Number of patents:


Our vision - our mission

Moving things, preserving values - the guidelines Roediger® follows as a company are not only on paper. They are taken to heart, carried and lived by our employees. 

See what Roediger® stands for - and how our team stands in for our values.

Working for you worldwide

Our projects span the globe. That is why it is important to us to be represented for you at more than one location. In addition to our sales offices in Germany, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, we have more than 40 certified representatives, dealers and distributors in 30 countries at your disposal.

Roediger Vacuum GmbH, Hanau

Distribution site
Kinzigheimer Weg 104
63450 Hanau

Tel: +49 6181 309 275
Fax: +49 6181 309 280

Roediger Vacuum GmbH, Tostedt

Production site
Auf der Timmhorst 2
21255 Tostedt

Tel: +49 4182 28130

Roediger Vacuum GmbH

Distribution site
Spółka z o.o. Oddział w Polsce
ul. Prudnicka 40
47-300 Krapkowice

Tel: +48 77 44674 74
Fax: +48 77 44674 75

United Arab Emirates
Aqseptence Group GmbH

Requests from Dubai (also in Arabic)
Vacuum Technology Systems
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 564 022227


Quality by conviction. Sustainability by tradition.

From 1842 to today - discover five milestones in Roediger's history right here.


Peter Roediger founds the company as a specialist company for metal installations - in short: plumbing.


With the first vacuum toilet, developed for use in hospitals, Roediger® lays the foundation for today's success story. Vacuum technology becomes a convincing alternative to conventional gravity systems.


Roediger® installs a vacuum sewer system in Gerasdorf (Austria) with 2,500 chambers and 34 kilometers in length. The plant is gradually expanded, today disposes of the wastewater of about 10,000 people and has been running almost trouble-free for 30 years now.


The Palm Island Jumeirah is opened in Dubai. With several thousand residential units, it is not only the largest man-made island in the world, but also boasts the world's largest vacuum sewer station - developed and installed by Roediger®.


A state-of-the-art sewer system from Roediger® opens up a new chapter in wastewater management in Germany's new Jenfeld district of Hamburg. Vacuum technology enables source separation and previously unattained recycling rates.

Become part of Roediger®

Develop technology that conserves our resources. Realize ideas that enable a sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming new colleagues to join us.