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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Quality and demand at Roediger®

Because we want to become better and better


We attach great importance to quality - not only as a constant obligation to our customers, but also to our employees, future generations and the environment.

This claim is reflected in customer satisfaction and trust, but also in transparency and safety. All these are important prerequisites for the economic success of our company as well as for the further development of our processes, products and the many people who work for us.


As a company committed to the careful use of water, the issue of sustainability is at the heart of our activities. However, it is not only through the use of vacuum technology and the further development of our products that we strive to use resources responsibly. We also take proactive measures within the company to minimize our ecological impact and protect the environment for future generations.


At Roediger®, the well-being of our employees, customers and the environment is paramount. That's why we are strongly committed to managing health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ). Through annual training, we ensure that our employees are familiar with the latest HSEQ practices, fostering a culture of safety, care and responsibility.


Trust is of utmost importance to us. To earn it, we maintain strict safety, environmental and quality standards. We continuously monitor and evaluate our operations and implement proactive risk management strategies to prevent incidents and ensure the reliability of all processes. Through our ISO 9001 certification, our commitment and standards are transparent and well documented.


Optimize processes, increase efficiency, provide even more value to customers: With the help of SAP's Signavio software, we continuously drive our enhancement to not only meet, but also exceed our customers' expectations.