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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Vacuum Sewer Systems

Modern vacuum sewer systems compared to conventional gravity sewerage

With our Roediger® vacuum sewer system, we collect and transport wastewater and offer a clean, sustainable and cost-efficient technology with flexible installation options. Our Vacuum technology provides a variety of advantages compared to conventional gravity sewerage.


Ideal application possibilities of the Roediger® vacuum sewer system arise from framework conditions that make a conventional gravity sewer system more difficult from a technical and increasingly also from an economic point of view:

  • Flat terrain and high groundwater levels
  • Sparsely populated areas
  • Weekend and holiday home estates (seasonal flows)
  • Sewer systems in areas with lakes, rivers, coasts and flood plains
  • Unfavourable terrain e.g. moorland, rocks, danger of subsidence, poor load-bearing capacity
  • Sewage construction in drinking water protection areas
  • Connections to new buildings
  • Sewer reconstruction
  • Material flow separation

Conventional methods for conveying wastewater can be traced back to ancient Babylon and are essentially based on utilizing gravity force and a gradient in the pipes. In addition to the effort and expense involved in construction works, the dimensions of such installations present vast problems today, as a result of the demographic changes which are occurring in many parts of the world. Modern vacuum sewer systems have proven to be very attractive for decision-makers due to numerous advantages when compared with conventional gravity sewer systems.


Significant advantages of vacuum sewerage

  • Safe, drip-free and sustainable due to the completely closed system
  • Cost savings due to lower excavation, small pipelines and a shortened construction phase
  • Flexible pipe routing as the system does not require gravity and the pipelines have a small diameter
  • Simple operation