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Roediger Vacuum Sewer System

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Roediger vacuum systems are a cost effective alternative to gravity sewer systems. Vacuum systems are particularly attractive in environmentally sensitive areas and when difficult subsurface conditions exist such as high groundwater table, unstable soils, rock and restricted construction conditions.

Unique Features

Vacuum sewers offer the following advantages:

  • Cost savings due to smaller pipes, shallower and narrower trenches, less dewatering and significantly less surface restoration... all done with smaller Equipment!
  • Only 1 source of power is required at the vacuum station. A standby generator at the vacuum station provides uninterrupted service during power outages. No power is required at the house/valve pit.
  • Operator friendly as the operator never comes in contact with raw sewage. Confined spaces are not an issue.
  • Environmentally friendly as the system is entirely closed which not only prevents leakage but also infiltration and inflow. This also results in a reduced load on the treatment plant.
  • Multiple lift stations can be replaced as it is not uncommon for one vacuum station to replace 6-8 gravity lift stations.
  • Cost overruns avoided due to vacuum’s vertical and horizontal routing flexibility which allows unforeseen underground utility conflicts to easily be avoided.


Vacuum sewers use differential air pressure to transport sewage. Vacuum pumps located at a central vacuum station maintain vacuum on the collection system. A normally closed interface valve, located in a valve pit, seals the collection system to maintain vacuum throughout. The interface valve opens when a predetermined amount of sewage accumulates in the collecting sump. The resulting differential pressure between atmosphere and vacuum propels the sewage towards the vacuum station.

Vacuum systems are applicable when these conditions exist: 

  • Failing septic tanks causing Pollution
  • At least 25 connections. We also have systems serving more than 10,000 connections!
  • Primarily residential connections. Commercial connections are also possible.
  • Private developments
  • Flat topography or moderate elevation change 
  • Subsurface difficulties to overcome including high groundwater table, sandy and unstable soils, rock, restricted construction conditions, and sensitive eco-systems.

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