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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Health Care (Decay Plants & Hospitals)

With our Roediger® sanitary technology, we guarantee the safe transport of radioactive wastewater to a decay plants in hospitals.


When we describe our Vacuum Sanitation Technology, we always mention first the extraordinary capability to meet all requirements.

By combining two key elements, we can accommodate every design task: We can lift wastewater up to 4.5 m. We can transport wastewater in a horizontal scope over very long distances. This flexibility is the answer to every architects dream: Restrooms may be situated where they are needed, floors may be designed for totally different uses and restructuring will not affect other areas of the building. For hospitals, this means the utmost freedom for the use of their buildings.

Isolation wards, operation facilities and Intensive Care Units may now be placed where they are needed and evacuated with a vacuum system, they are no longer exposed to bio-hazardous wastewater contaminations. As isolated sections they offer the opportunity to send this wastewater for a specific pre-treatment, or even final treatment, according to the requirements of the sanitary situation. All different areas of a hospital may be fitted according to hygienic specifications and not to building requirements.

All conventional flush systems are creating a bio-hazardous aerosol cloud when used. Many people already know the toilet plume that can spread bacteria and viruses over several meters in a restroom. Less known is the fact that this recoil phenomenon also occurs with wash basins and showers. The air over the siphon barrier is propelled out of the wastewater pipe when water flows in spreading all kinds of germs.Our Vacuum Toilets e.g. are not producing a toilet plume. Via a permanently evacuated pipe system, vacuum toilets simply suck in the wastewater when flushed. No spray, no aerosols – a true one-way-street for bacteria and viruses. Wash basins and showers may be connected without siphons to our vacuum evacuation units, effectively reducing the spread of germs.

The hygienic impact of our Vacuum Sanitation Systems reaches even further. We avoid the dangerous cross contaminations from room to room and even a leakage will not lead to a contamination as the entering air is blocking the pipe.


  • No biological hazard!
    The Roediger-Airvac Vacuum Toilet is not spraying bacteria and viruses
  • No health hazard!
    The Roediger Vacuum Evacuation Units suck wastewater in without creating aerosols
  • No environmental hazard!
    The Roediger-Airvac Vacuum Evacuation Units prevent the dangerous Cross-Contaminations