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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Forum Köpenick, Germany

Vacuum Sanitation Technology

Foptaced with the challenge of installing conventional gravity pipes being impossible due to a "white tank" with a thickness of only 20 cm, Roediger® turned to vacuum technology for the extensive renovation work in the Forum Köpenick shopping paradise. To facilitate the installation of a new system for collecting and transporting wastewater, including condensate from freezers, the managers chose Roediger® vacuum technology. The system's shallow installation depth for pipes and its ability to transport wastewater upwards addressed structural challenges and met the highest hygiene requirements in the existing building complex.

Special Highlights

  • Roediger® vacuum system for collecting and transporting wastewater provides maximum flexibility in planning
  • Vacuum station with 2 redundant screw pumps on a 70 x 85 cm footprint
  • Small diameter: pipes laid at a depth of just 10 cm
  • Vertical wastewater transport up to 5 meters into the gravity sewer system
  • Scalability: additional sanitary facilities can be easily connected
  • Installation of 27 Roediger® vacuum floor drains in the concrete floors
  • Washbasins and sinks are serviced by Roediger® vacuum suction systems