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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Russia

Vacuum Sanitary System

The stadium built for the 2018 FIFA World Cup showcases the flexible usage concepts offered by vacuum sanitary technology. Initially designed as a soccer stadium to the highest FIFA standards for 42,000 spectators, it was planned from the outset for a new life post-sporting event. The upper tier can be dismantled and repurposed as a shopping center, cinemas, and event rooms. This sustainable reuse concept, not feasible with conventional technology, offers the 300,000 inhabitants of Saransk, the capital of the republic, a significant attraction and an enhancement of daily life.

Special Highlights

  • Initially constructed in 2018 as a pure soccer stadium to the highest FIFA standards for 42,000 spectators
  • Planning and execution of the project considering flexible subsequent use
  • Dismantling of the upper tier and reduction of spectator seating to 25,000 is possible
  • Easy conversion into a multifunctional building with various commercial facilities
  • Safe solution in terms of environmental and water protection (located near the shore and with a high groundwater level)