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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Hamburg-Jenfeld, Germany

Vacuum Sewer and Sanitary System

Breathing new life into a former German army base, Hamburg-Jenfeld has become home to nearly 3,000 residents. Roediger® implemented the combination of vacuum toilets and a vacu-um sewer system for the entire residential area, setting a high standard in both operating effi-ciency and sustainability. The drinking water consumption of the vacuum toilets is only 10% of that used by conventional technology. Thanks to the consistent separation of material flows, wastewater can be utilized for generating heat and reused in the settlement's own lake.

Special Highlights

  • Integrated vacuum sanitary and vacuum sewer system
  • Largest system for material flow separation in Europe (network length 3.2 kilometers)
  • New district with almost 3,000 inhabitants
  • Use of black water to operate combined heat and power plants; heat is fed back into the buildings
  • Treatment of greywater in a constructed wetland and feeding into a lake within the settle-ment
  • Successive completion in construction phases closely coordinated with planners and im-plementers
  • Complete commissioning in 2016; trouble-free operation since then with enormous sav-ings/recycling of valuable resources