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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Ghent Nieuwe Dokken, Belgium

Vacuum Sewer and Sanitary System

Similar to many other cities, the transformation in the shipping industry posed significant challenges for the municipality of Ghent. The former dock and harbor area in the heart of the city had become an extensive industrial wasteland. Collaborating with local companies, Roediger® developed a complete infrastructure project for the area, transforming it into an attractive residential space along the waterfront. The extensive use of vacuum technology in 400 residential units provided impressive efficiency, offering substantial opportunities for water conservation and energy recovery. Since 2019, Ghent Nieuwe Dokken has showcased the possibilities that vacuum solutions bring to modern, forward-thinking urban planning.

Special Highlights

  • Material flow separation in the blackwater sewer system
  • Organic waste transport via vacuum
  • Reuse of nutrients and energy
  • Heat exchange in the gray water cycle
  • Annual reuse of more than 30,000 m³ of municipal water (>90% of total consumption)
  • Recovery of more than 2,500 MWh of residual heat
  • Production of 1,500 kg of phosphate- and nitrogen-rich crystals (used as fertilizer in a local ur-ban farming project)