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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Buildings & Construction

With our Roediger® vacuum sanitary systems, we ensure the flexible clean and sustainable disposal of all waste water in buildings with our vacuum toilets.


From the smallest systems with only 6 vacuum toilets to the complete disposal of an entire European Championship stadium for 70,000 spectators, our vacuum toilets can flush horizontally or upwards as well as downwards, in contrast to a conventional system.

Thanks to this flexible horizontal pipe laying in suspended ceilings or raised floors, we achieve maximum space efficiency and, thanks to our modular system design, adaptability to changing user requirements at any time.

Our vacuum sanitary system can not only be laid flexibly, but is also water-saving, particularly low-maintenance and ensures the cleanest comfort: advantages that come into play especially in high-rise buildings and modern architecture and from which very different, sophisticated facilities have already benefited – for example, congress centres, airports, train stations and sports facilities.



  • Can even be used in hospitals to dispose of radioactively contaminated material
  • Water-saving and sustainable due to less consumption of wastewater when flushing toilets
  • Fexibly adaption to architectural peculiarities because there is no gravity is necessary (even horizontal installation over longer distances and obstacle avoidance no problem)
  • No deposition in pipes due to high flow rate