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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Astana, Kazakhstan

Vacuum Sanitary System

A prestigious project with extreme external conditions, the site for EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan presented planners, technicians, and engineers with tough challenges. These challenges arose due to the extraordinary size of the building, 5 million expected visitors, and exposed climatic conditions with enormous temperature fluctuations between -40 and +30° C. It quickly became evident that the host country's visionscould not be realized with conventional means. The Roediger® planning team succeeded in finding a solution that was convincing in terms of both cost and schedule. One of the many technical highlights included the emergency extraction for sprinkler water in the event of a fire, carried out using sump extraction systems newly designed for this project.

Special Highlights

  • High-quality and durable sanitary facilities made of porcelain and stainless steel for 5,000,000 visitors.
  • Completed on time despite the enormous project scale (28 buildings).
  • Facility designed for temperature fluctuations between -40 and +30°C.
  • The bidding process was won due to the convincing price-performance ratio.
  • Trouble-free operation throughout EXPO 2017.
  • A sustainable system with significant water savings compared to conventional systems.