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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Roediger Extraction Pistol Type UP

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The Roediger automatic train extraction pistol allows efficient servicing of wastewater tanks from trains under providing safety and occupational health for the operators due to drip-free and odourless wastewater disposal.

Unique Features

  • Quick, automatic and reliable operation
  • Odourless: no safety hazard, no inhalation of aerosols 
  • Drip-free: no leakage, no waste spillage, no risk of smear infection
  • Easy handling: intuitive and comfortable use
  • Meets highest hygienic standards
  • High reliability: very robust system, designed for tough operation conditions 
  • Efficient: simultaneous servicing of various coaches by one operator is possible
  • Can be retrofitted to existing extraction systems


The Roediger automatic train extraction pistol can be supplied with various configurations and several mounting options – as per operation requirement of the service depot or workshop.

The pistol and connected suction hose can be stored in underground pits or above ground, e.g. with wall-mounted or column-mounted supports or suspended from the service platform.

Depending on the required suction hose length various systems, such as hose saddles, spring-driven hose retraction systems or motorized retractable hose reel systems can be used. The 3” Camlock adaptor is connected to the male Camlock adaptor of the train wastewater tank. After closing the one-hand locking mechanism by lever, the actuation button is pushed to start the wastewater extraction.

After the wastewater tank is emptied the vacuum valve of the extraction pistol will close automatically. Thus the coaches of one train can be serviced simultaneously by one single operator.

Roediger extraction pistols are pneumatically driven and self-regulating, i.e. they operate automatically and do not require electrical power.

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