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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Shower Bus GoBanyo, Germany

Mobile Vacuum Sanitary System

Providing a hygienic environment in the smallest of spaces, the GoBanyo shower bus showcases what vacuum technology can accomplish. The bus, converted from a public bus, offers free showers to the homeless. Despite limited transport capacity for water tanks, complete bathrooms with showers and toilets were installed and operated using Roediger®'s vacuum sanitary technology. This technology significantly reduces water consumption compared to conventional systems, maximizing the available capacity and ensuring 100% leakage protection for safe use.

Special Highlights

  • GoBanyo shower bus: converted public bus offering free showers to the homeless
  • Equipped with three bathrooms: showers, washbasins, and toilets (one of which is wheelchair accessible)
  • Use of hygienic, water-saving vacuum sanitary technology from Roediger®
  • Two water tanks for fresh and wastewater, each with a capacity of 1,250 liters
  • Direct connection to underground hydrants; direct discharge of wastewater at each location possible