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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Paint and Coatings Industry, Germany

Industrial Wastewater Disposal

Paints, varnishes, and plasters pose significant challenges in wastewater management, alongside grease wastewater and biowaste. Careful measures must be taken to prevent the release of pollutants into the environment and groundwater. Simultaneously, viscous substances must be prevented from accumulating in the pipes, potentially causing blockages. For these reasons, Roediger® is recognized by many renowned paint and varnish manufacturers as the ideal solution provider. The high flow velocities ensure that the self-cleaning forces in the pipe system are robust enough to prevent any deposits from forming.

Special Highlights

  • Complete vacuum sanitary system installed in 2020.
  • Extensive test series conducted in advance to ensure the ideal dimensioning of the system.
  • Selected a special extraction unit (type 5) for particularly easy cleaning.
  • Installed extraction units for 80 workstations.