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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


ICE Maintenance Depot, Cologne-Nippes, Germany

In February 2018, Deutsche Bahn unveiled its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly maintenance facility for the new ICE 4 fleet. To facilitate a large workload with minimal downtime, the maintenance hall boasts numerous wastewater disposal shafts equipped with hose reel systems, suction guns, and water filling shafts. The outdoor areas house supply and disposal modules, along with cleaning cabinets integrated into the interior cleaning system. Thanks to the impressive capacity of Roediger® systems, up to 16 ICE trains can be serviced each night.

Special Highlights

  • Dedicated vacuum station for both the maintenance hall and the interior cleaning system in the outdoor area
  • Containerized design for efficient operations
  • Remarkably short downtime for trains due to powerful components
  • Trouble-free operation since its commissioning in 2018
  • Capacity to service up to 16 trains per night