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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Hamburg Eidelstedt, Germany

At the heart of Deutsche Bahn's inaugural ICE depot in Hamburg-Eidelstedt stands a colossal maintenance hall with eight tracks, a length of 430 meters, and a width of 65 meters. When commissioned in 1991, this project marked a pioneering effort for all the companies involved. The depot was specifically designed for the maintenance of the initial ICE trains, featuring an inno-vative vacuum system for emptying the wastewater tanks of the train toilets. Roediger® secured the contract by presenting its groundbreaking complete solution, inclusive of a drinking water supply system. Remarkably, 112 disposal stations continue to ensure reliable and trouble-free operations to this day.

Special Highlights

  • Drip-free and odor-free wastewater extraction
  • Implemented automatic valves
  • Valve control without external power
  • Comprehensive supply and disposal system along the treatment track
  • Adhered to the highest hygiene and environmental standards