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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Darnitza Depot, Kiev, Ukraine

In 2012, the Ukrainian Railways System inaugurated its new factlity with four tracks dedicated to the maintenance of electric multiple units. Roediger® played a pivotal role by installing the entire technical equipment for the supply and disposal systems after offering the most compelling solution in terms of technology and price during a competitive bidding process.

The technical components of the supply and disposal systems were implemented using sub-floor structures. Wastewater from the train toilets is efficiently conveyed into the public sewer using two vacuum stations, while the trains' drinking water supply is ensured through a pumping station and chlorination system. Additionally, five mobile disposal vehicles contribute to the seamless operation of the system in the outdoor area.

Special Highlights

  • Delivery of complete supply and disposal technology for the new maintenance facility of the Ukrainian Railways System
  • A total of 45 supply and disposal stations, complemented by five mobile suction vehicles (electric vehicles)
  • Hose systems and reels for wastewater and fresh water, operable from the first-floor level
  • Comprehensive train interior cleaning facilitated by three media cabinets per track, offering cold and hot water extraction, manual dispensers with cleaning agents, sinks, sockets, and material storage
  • Trouble-free operation since 2012