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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Cologne Depot, Germany

The Cologne depot is a critical facility for the maintenance and repair of high-speed trains. Over the past two decades, Deutsche Bahn has consistently relied on supply and disposal systems from Roediger® for their unparalleled guarantee of smooth operations. 

Given the ongoing shift in mobility trends, the infrastructure underwent comprehensive modernization to accommodate increased traffic volume. As Cologne serves as a central hub for rail traffic in western Germany, the entire modernization process was executed without disrupting ongoing maintenance operations. Successfully completed in May 2021, the project included the installation of 20 new stainless steel station cabinets featuring drinking water filling and wastewater disposal stations.

Special Highlights

  • Roediger® technology has been in use at the Cologne depot for over 20 years
  • The modernization contract was awarded to Roediger® based on its high reliability
  • Installed and modernized infrastructure on two tracks in the maintenance hall
  • Introduced 20 new stainless steel station cabinets, each equipped with drinking water and wastewater facilities
  • Executed seamlessly during ongoing maintenance operations