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Germany, Austria, Switzerland



In the railway sector, we offer drip-free, safe and efficient solutions for the supply and disposal of drinking water and toilet wastewater as well as systems for water treatment with water recycling of train washing systems.


As longstanding partner of the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway) we have been decisively shaping the development of water-service-equipment for rail depots and workshops.

The requirements at the Deutsche Bahn for environmental protection, work safety, hygiene, automation, throughput and reliability have been continuously increasing. Constant further developments and innovations over decades have enabled us to keep pace with these steadily increasing demands and thus to remain a reliable partner for the Deutsche Bahn. As a result, quality and maturity of our water-service technology is the key to success for international projects.

By means of our supply and disposal units we fill the water vessels of railway vehicles and evacuate the toilet wastewaters out of the wastewater tank using vacuum technology. Our water technology for train wash-units regulates fresh water demand, water recycling and waste water treatment automatically. Water recycling rates of 50-80 % are typical. In winter our de-icing plants clear railway bogie wagons from adhesive ice.

Advantages of our systems

  • Absolute spillage and odor free
  • Rapid and hygienically clean evacuation
  • Fully automatic handling
  • High reliability and steady availability
  • Simple and robust operational